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Any dog owner will know the importance of treats! As well as being a great form of bonding for you and your pet, treats are a tool for training and can also be a great nutritional supplement – as long as you pick healthy dog treats! 

Healthy vs Unhealthy Dog Treats

Choosing the right dog treats is vital for your pooch to stay happy and healthy. After all, what is the point of feeding your pup a balanced diet and then loading them up with bad snacks that contain all kinds of chemical additives and unnatural ingredients? Too much of these kinds of treats could even lead to obesity and health problems. To help you understand what dog treats are best to keep your dog fit and strong, we’ve made a list of the best types of dog treats and their benefits!

What Types of Dog Treats Are There?

Did you know that most of the good dog treats are designed as nutritional supplements with specific health benefits in mind? Whether your furry friend is boisterous and needs calming or has sore joints that need some TLC, there’s a variety of healthy treats that can work wonders!

Joint and Movement Dog Treats

If your pup is suffering from bad joints, the last thing you need is unhealthy dog treats that will cause them to put on weight and, consequently, further hinder their movement and worsen their joint pain. Instead, consider giving your dog some joint support dog treats! Made using turmeric – a spice that contains curcumin which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – The Innocent Hound’s Joint Support Sausage is a delicious treat that will get your dog’s tail wagging and their joints moving again! 

Dental Care Dog Treats

Just as children shouldn’t eat sugary snacks and lollipops all the time for the sake of their teeth, dogs shouldn’t consume unhealthy treats all the time either. But does that mean no more treats for your pooch? Of course not! Earth Animal have created the perfect dog treat that not only maintains good dental health, but also contains no rawhide! Rawhide is one of the most popular forms of chews for dogs, made from the inner layer of an animal, such as a cow, which is pressed into a shape before being chemically preserved and cleaned. Rawhide can cause digestive irritation for your pup as well as posing a risk of chocking or blockage. 

Meanwhile, these No Hide Dog Stix are nutritious, long-lasting and highly digestible treats that promote healthy teeth and gums. And, depending on your dog’s preference, they come in three delicious flavours: Chicken, Peanut Butter and Salmon. (These are a no-brainer, if you ask us!)

Calming Dog Treats

Do you have an energetic and unruly dog or an over-excitable puppy? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you may feel as though the last thing you’d want to feed your pooch is dog treats that contain added sugar and chemicals… But what if, by some miracle, treats existed that calmed your dog down? That’d be impossible magic, right? Wrong! Introducing Pooch And Mutt Calming Probiotic Dog Meaty Treats. These tasty treats contain several ingredients that can both calm your dog and improve their mood, such as:

  • Hemp – This ingredient is a natural stress reliever and is also rich in Omega 3s, Omega 6s and Antioxidants. Hemp contains a compound named cannabidiol which, through research, has been found to alter your dog’s brains receptor response to serotonin, thus helping to manage anxiety and stress levels.
  • Valerian Root – This herbal supplement is a natural and very mild sedative that can help to reduce anxiety and fear in dogs by increasing the GABA neurotransmitter to the brain, which has a calming effect. This ingredient has proven to be highly effective for dogs who are particularly afraid of sounds such as thunderstorms and fireworks.
  • L-Tryptophan – This amino acid helps to produce the ‘happy hormone’, serotonin. If a dog has low levels of serotonin, it can lead to anxiety and other mood disorders; thus, ensuring the production of this hormone can help your dog to feel happier and more relaxed.

Healthy Skin and Coat Dog Treats

Have you found that your dog’s fur and skin has become dry as the weather has gotten colder? Are you unsure as how to alleviate this problem that is making your pooch itchy and uncomfortable? Just as many of us humans take biotin supplements, some dog treats can provide your dog with the nutrients needed for a healthy coat and skin, such as the Pooch And Mutt Dog Skin & Coat Probiotic Meaty Treats. These treats contain the following nutritional ingredients:

  • Shrimp – This antioxidant-rich protein is a rich source of Omega 3, which helps to nourish a dog’s skin and coat.
  • Coconut – As it contains essential fatty acids, coconut is great for hydrating the skin and creating a glossy coat, as well as aiding any skin conditions your dog may have.
  • Collagen – This natural supplement is an essential component in the formation of healthy skin.
  • Vitamins – These treats contain the antioxidant-rich vitamins C and E which help to: alleviate the symptoms of skin conditions, reduce flakiness and promote a glossy coat. 

Probiotic Dog Treats

Probiotics boost the immune system and ensure a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, which aids digestion of food and absorption of vitamins and minerals. Thus, dog treats that contain probiotics are an easy and tasty way of adding them to your dog’s diet! As well as containing probiotics, Frozzys Superbites with Probiotics Dog Treats are also: rich in Omega 3, low in calories, made without grain and are 100% natural.

Dog Treats for Puppies

Before giving a puppy any type of dog treat, it is imperative to check that the treats are suitable for puppies. If you’re unsure, why not try treats that are specifically designed for pups? As well as generally being smaller in size, puppy treats don’t contain a lot of the ingredients and preservatives that a young dog’s stomach wouldn’t be able to handle.  Whether you’re looking for soft dental chew sticks to ensure your puppy’s teeth remain healthy or small puppy training treats that are nutritional and easy to digest, Pet’s and Lifestyle have you (and your puppy) covered!

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