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What Is a Dog Carrier Bag?

Dog carrier bags are not just designer accessories for rich celebrities to flaunt their pampered pooches; they are a wonderful, safe way to take your pup almost anywhere, in any weather! Of course, they are only practical for smaller dogs, but a comfy carrier will allow your dog to keep all cosy and warm, or pop their head out to watch the world go by!

If you’re unsure about whether to buy a doggy carrier bag or if they’re the right choice for your dog, read on…        

Are Pet Carriers Good For Dogs?

As long as you pick one that is the correct size and you continue to give your pup the exercise they need, pet carriers are certainly good for dogs! Here are the top reasons why:

  • keep your dog warm in winter;
  • help old or low-stamina pets on long walks or journeys;
  • keep your dog safe in busy pedestrian areas and around roads;
  • protect your pup from bad weather, such as rain, ice or snow;
  • keep your dog away from other unfamiliar dogs;
  • allow you to bring your pup on public transport and into shops.

When Should I Use a Dog Carrier Bag?

It’s important to remember that your dog should get regular walkies, with a general suggestion of 30 minutes to two hours of physical activity per day, depending on the breed, size, weight and age of your dog.

That being said, particularly for pooches that are smaller, older or have low stamina, a dog carrier bag can be incredibly useful to give them a rest on long walks. They are also great if you are in a busy area, such as a city street, and are conscious about your pooch being trampled on, and to keep your dog away from other dogs, particularly in unfamiliar territory.

Are Dog Carriers Safe?

Dog carriers are perfectly safe if you choose the correct carrier for the size and weight of your dog so that they have enough room to be comfortable. If you’re wondering what size dog carrier you need, you should be able to find information on a dog carrier’s size and weight capacity in the description. They are usually only suitable for puppies or dogs that weigh up to 8KG.

What’s the Best Dog Carrier?

While it’d be impossible to choose the best one, here are the key things you should look for in a dog carrier:


The main purpose of a dog carrier is to help tired pups rest, so comfort is a priority. This primarily comes down to: quality, fabrics, size, support and padding.

For extra comfort, you can get Dog Carriers with teddy lining and a cushion! And some carriers are so comfortable that they double up as a mobile dog bed!


Your pup isn’t going to be happy sat in a carrier that is itchy or hard, nor will you be happy trying to clean fabrics that aren’t washable; so the material of your dog carrier bag is very important. It needs to be secure, durable, comfortable and washable, like this dog carrier from Cloud7.


There’s no point in a dog carrier bag if it isn’t practical. Depending on your wants and needs, functional features to look at may include:

  • water repellent – to keep your dog dry from rain, mud and puddles
  • washable – so you can easily clean the carrier when it gets mucky from your dog’s paws!
  • thermal – to ensure your pooch keeps cosy during the winter
  • thick, sturdy straps – for your maximum comfort as an owner
  • external pockets – to carry poop bags, leads or anything else you may need on your trips
  • zips or flaps – to keep excitable pups safe and secure.


As previously mentioned, safety is always key when it comes to buying anything for your dog. In terms of dog carrier bags, this will mean ensuring you buy a carrier that is suitable for your dog’s size and weight. Ventilation is also highly important, so be sure to either pick a dog bag that your pup can easily pop their head out of – while remaining 100% secure – or one with mesh windows.

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