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Getting a new puppy is one of the greatest joys a pet lover can experience – however, for those who have never owned a dog before, it can also be rather stressful. From learning how to train your pup to knowing what you need to feed them, there are many essentials for getting a new puppy which may become overwhelming. So we’re here with a checklist of all the must-haves for your new dog!

Food and water bowls

Perhaps the most important essentials for your puppy are food and water bowls. As with humans, no dog can live without these basic needs, so it is imperative that you provide them with safe and clean dog bowls so that they can grow healthily. In this day and age, there are so many different types of dog bowls to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice! You could pick: an eco-friendly dog bowl, a beautiful ceramic dog bowl, an interactive food maze dog bowl, or even a 2-in-1 dog bowl set

If you plan to take your dog out of the house for longer periods of time – whether it be a day or a week – it is always worth ensuring you have a dog travel bowl so that you don’t have to worry about your pup becoming hungry or thirsty, nor about needing to rush them home for food and water when planning a trip. 

Healthy Puppy Food

Choosing the right food for your dog can be very confusing for new owners as it depends on your exact pup’s requirements; do you choose raw dog food, dry dog food or canned dog food? Our advice is to:

  • ask the breeder what they have been feeding your puppy, as you may want to keep the same diet or, otherwise, wean them off of it;
  • talk to your vet to see what they recommend;
  • be patient, as you’ll soon learn what foods have your new puppy jumping for joy.

A Dog Bed

Every pup needs a place of their own to sleep and rest, so a dog bed is a must-have. When moving into a new environment, many puppies will appreciate a covered dog bed or a cove dog bed as they are wonderfully comforting and will help to calm their nerves as they familiarise themselves in their new home. It is also worth choosing a durable dog bed as most puppies like to chew and claw as they grow.

N.B. letting your puppy sleep in your own bed is inadvisable as it will be a very difficult habit to break, it will disrupt your sleep and may even trigger allergies.

A Dog Crate

While at home, let your dog spend time in their crate with the door open, as this will help them to view it as a cosy place of refuge to sit and sleep when they are tired. It will also help if you put a soft dog cushion and a dog blanket to put in the crate so that it is extra comfortable!

N.B. It is important that you do not use the crate to punish or discipline your pup, as they will develop an aversion to it.


While it may not seem like an ‘essential’, dog toys are one of the most vital things you can provide your new pup with when moving into their new home. These puppy toys will:

  • make your dog feel more welcomed and comfortable in what is an unfamiliar environment; 
  • provide some much needed bonding time for you and your dog;
  • ensure your puppy’s teeth, bones and muscles develop healthily.

If you’re unsure as to what type of dog toy to give your puppy, there are a selection of fun toys specifically designed for pups, including soft bone toys for teething puppies and comforting plush toys that squeak.

Dog Collar and Tag 

As you will undoubtedly take your puppy our for ‘walkies’, it is a legal requirement for your pup to have a dog collar with a dog tag that displays the owner’s name and address. While your puppy is still growing, buying an adjustable dog collar will save you money as it will still fit them as they develop.

Lead and harness

Anyone who has interacted with a puppy will know how wonderfully energetic and explorative they are! So the thought of setting them loose outside without a lead is a scary one… Durable dog leads are imperative for your pup and, for those pups who are super wriggly or simply for your piece of mind as an owner, an extra effective way to ensure your puppy is safe and sound while out for walks is a dog harness. P.S. you can even find matching dog collars and leads for your puppy!

Poo bags

It is both a legal duty and common courtesy to clean up after your dog when they poop in a public place as they are not only an eyesore but they are also a dangerous health hazard (did you know that dog poo causes hundreds of cases of blindness in children every year!). 

So, the best way to ensure everyone’s safety is to carry dog poo bags with you whilst out and about with your pup! For eco-conscious dog owners, you can even buy biodegradable dog poo bags – so not only will you be protecting other people, but you will also be helping to save the planet!

Forget stuffing your pockets with plastic bags, instead, pick up a practical and stylish dog poo bag dispenser, which you can clip onto your own bag or clothing to make sure you’re never caught empty handed when needing to clean up after your pup.

Dog Grooming Products

Just as humans take care of their hair and teeth, dogs require grooming too. The basic dog grooming products you will need for your pup are:

  • a dog comb or brush – whether they shed a lot or a little, a well-groomed coat is necessary to keep your pup happy and to avoid matting or knots which can cause discomfort. Depending on their breed and coat type, you may want to buy a long hair dog brush or a short hair dog brush.
  • dog shampoo – as you will come to learn, puppies like to explore, whether it be the fresh grass in the garden or the muddy puddles while out on walks. So, you will want dog shampoo on hand to help clean them up in such messy situations. It is also a good idea to wash your pup with dog shampoo regularly if you want to avoid your home smelling of dog.
  • a dog toothbrush and toothpaste – dogs use their teeth a lot, from eating food to playing tug-of-war with a rope toy, so it is important to keep your pup’s teeth healthy and strong from a young age. While chew toys are great for this, it is also vital that you brush your pet’s teeth with dog toothpaste. P.S. you will need to be gentle and patient with your puppy as you slowly introduce toothbrushing to them.

Make Time For Your Puppy

Once you have these essentials, you will be fully prepared for your new puppy! However, as well as these purchasable essentials, one of the most valuable things you can give your new puppy is your time. Whether it be taking them on their daily walks, spending time grooming them or using their toys to play with them, spending time with your new puppy will help to ease them into their new home while also developing that special bond that all dog lovers dream of.

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