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We Are Family

If you have ever bristled when someone has said, but it’s just a dog, or it’s just a cat then you are in the right place. We totally understand that pets are not just an animal; in fact, they are extra family members who deserve to be loved and cherished just as much as anyone. That is one of the reasons why we decided to open Pets and Lifestyle online shop, and we want this to be a place where like-minded pet owners can come together.

All our products are designed and hand-crafted by our partners with the well-being of our pets in mind. Our ambition is to create and sell beautiful pet products for those who believe their pets deserve the best, just like us.

Pampered Pooches

Whether you’re in the market for a new bed, collar or lead, we have it all and more. We understand how important it is to be able to buy luxury goods for your dog. Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? You are certainly not alone here you will find a range of fantastic birthday items or just because you think they deserve a treat.

Lock-down has shown us how important our pets are, and they have certainly maintained a level of sanity for many of us. They may not actually be able to speak, but they certainly do communicate their love and affection for you as their owners or adopted parents. So, it is only natural to want to buy them lovely things, and we have hand-selected products that we know our dogs would love, and so we hope yours will too.

Fabulous Felines

While cats may have the ability to wander the neighbourhood without us, they are certainly no less valued in our homes. If you have ever stayed up an extra hour just to wait for Kitty to get home so you can go to bed knowing they are safe you will find a myriad of like-minded owners right here.

The selection we have for cats is once more hand-picked so that we can ensure only the best for your Felix. We have a range of collars and toys as well as soft beds that your pampered kitten so simply adore. Perhaps you think your cat deserves a treat just for being there at the end of a long day.

A Community Together

We want to be more than just an online shop; we intend to be an animal-loving community where you can find lots of helpful information tips. On our blog page, we will have various articles to help with fundamental training issues, introducing a puppy, and other topics that may help you with your four-legged friends.

We are keen to build a community, so if you have any suggestions, we’d be more than happy to listen, and hopefully, you will also consider bringing your friends so that they can benefit with their pets. We can never express how vital our cats and dogs and other pets are, and we know that many people out there feel the same, so we hope you enjoy our selection of products that we have chosen especially with these fantastic animals in mind.


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