Cloud7 Dog Carrier Montreal Anthra


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The Dog Carrier Montreal has light, water-repellent material, an extra fluffy feel thanks to sustainable eco down made from recycled materials, and a silky soft lining containing wool and easy-care polyacrylic, which snuggles around the dog’s body like velvet. The Dog Carrier Montreal also has a practical outside pocket, wide shoulder straps for the owner, a short leash to securely fasten the four-legged friend and a flexible flap as a closure that protects against cold, so that only one opening remains for the head while the rest of the body is comfortably warmed.

A further ring on the front is made to easily attach the matching new Calgary Treat Bag or other accessories with a snap hook. Finally, a reflective logo detail completes this fashionably quilted eco down bag. Suitable for dogs up to 5 kg.

  • Warming for winter excursions
  • High percentage of sustainable materials
  • Completely washable

36 x 26 x 19 cm

Outer material: 100% recycled polyester
Padding: 100% recycled polyester
Inner lining: 100% organic Cotton, 3% Elastane

Bag is washable with hand wash

Let the wet bag dry lying flat on the drying rack / Shake the bag several times after washing to loosen up the eco down filling / Bag can now be impregnated.

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