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Aside from the adorable nature of clothing our dogs as though they were toddlers, the reality is that popping your pooch into a raincoat during these wet months is good for their health and wellbeing too. 

Keep your pup dry

A very obvious but important benefit of raincoats is that they keep your dog dry. Particularly as we enter these colder months, preventing your pooch from getting wet whilst outside is vital. Why? If your dog gets wet when they are out in the cold, their temperature could drastically drop, causing hypothermia, or their respiratory tract may become inflamed, which could lead to pneumonia. A raincoat, especially hooded dog raincoat, will not only protect your pup from getting cold or soaked in the rain, but it will also provide an added layer of protection from the wind.

Prevent the dreaded fur shake…

To dry themselves, dogs instinctively shake water off of their bodies because, in the wild, staying dry in cold conditions is a life and death situation. That’s good, right? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ until that “water” they are shaking off across your clean carpets and fabric furniture is actually the thick brown mud from the puddle they decided to explore whilst out on a walk… The stains *eek*! By wearing a dog rain jacket, your pup will stay warm AND will have no need to shake their dirty fur all over your white walls and carpets – it’s a win-win situation!

Stay active, come rain or shine

While some dog breeds, such as retrievers, enjoy the rain, most would prefer to avoid it. But what happens when your dog needs their daily exercise but it’s raining outside? Do you just stay home and skip the walk? Absolutely not! Regardless of the weather, regular walks are a crucial part of keeping your dog physically and mentally healthy. And, while your pooch may not enjoy the rain, it is better for their wellbeing to endure a little rain than not go out for walkies. (We’re not saying take your pup out even in a hurricane, but simply don’t avoid walks because of a little rain!)

If your dog can’t stand the rain, they might really appreciate a doggy raincoat with a hood that will keep them warm and dry while out on walks. In fact, not only will you find it easier whilst out on walks because your pup will be more comfortable, but they will also be less nervous and reluctant when you get their lead out whilst it’s raining outside.  

Prevent injuries from getting infected

If your pup has recently undergone surgery or has injured themselves, they may have wounds that need to be kept dry and sterile. So, rainy, muddy walks are not the best idea… unless you have a dog coat! Raincoats can help to prevent water and any other liquids from soaking into your dog’s bandages and contaminating the wound, which could lead to serious infections.

Look adorable

While this is not the most important reason to get your pup a raincoat, it most certainly is a big benefit, as there is nothing sweeter than a dog in a raincoat. With so many designs, such as floral dog coats, fisherman-style dog raincoats and pretty pink dog coats, both you and your pooch will be spoilt for choice – and just think of all the cute photo opportunities!

What if my dog doesn’t like raincoats?

As with all unfamiliar dog accessories and clothing, whether it be a new collar or a dog jumper, your pooch may need time to get comfortable with their raincoat – particularly if they have never worn a coat or jacket before. There are some simple steps you can take to help your dog get used to it:

  1. Place the coat on the floor. As with all new objects, your dog may be apprehensive and cautious around the new raincoat. So, by placing it on the floor where it will be stationary and low down (thus, less intimidating), your dog will be able to investigate the unfamiliar coat and conclude for themselves that it is safe. 
  2. Reward your dog for interacting with it. To help your pup understand that interacting with the raincoat is a positive thing, it may be an idea to give them a treat whenever they touch or play with the coat. 
  3. Briefly put the coat on your dog. Once your dog is comfortable with the coat being on the floor, put it on them for just a few seconds. If they seem fine with it, reward your dog with a treat. 
  4. Increase their time wearing it. Slowly increase how long they are wearing it for by a few more seconds, then a few minutes, etc. It is also best to let your dog wear it for some time whilst inside the house before you venture out into the rain.
  5. Go out in the rain. While your dog might not be too keen on the raincoat, once they experience the difference it makes while out on walks, and so begin to comprehend its function of keeping them warm and dry, they might grow fond of it!

So, yes, dog raincoats truly are the secret to keeping your pup active, happy and protected, during these rainy months! 

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