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Most dogs love their leads as it is usually a sign for “walkies!”; their tails start wagging and they become very excitable! But, did you know there are more reasons why a quality dog lead is important? From avoiding pet fights to literally saving your furry friend’s life, here are our top three reasons why!

  1. A Dog Lead Can Save Your Dog’s Life

All dog owners will know that our four-legged friends are innately curious and adventurous animals, so they find anything and everything interesting when out for walks! 

While it is incredibly healthy for our pets to explore as a form of mental stimulation, learning and exercise, dogs don’t always understand the potential dangers that their inquisitive nature might put them in. Even the most well-trained dogs could see a rabbit or bicycle and end up chasing it into harm’s way! And, by using a lead, you will help to keep others safe too; for instance, your dog may not be hit by a car, but the car swerving to avoid your dog may end up in a serious collision.

So, whether you live in the city or countryside, a lead is always important to keep your pet, and those around you, safe from all kinds of hazards; be it a busy road, unrestrained animals or dangerous terrain.

A great dog lead choice for ensuring your dog’s safety from roads and animals is the Tre Ponti Padded Double Handle Dog Lead. The unique design of this lead ensures optimal control over your strong dog in any situation. It features sliding control with a double safety handle; the first soft padded handle gives a comfortable but firm grip, while the second handle (also softly padded) is for use in control or hazardous situations and creates a direct contact with the dog. Using this lead also decreases your chance of injury as the force is on your muscles, not your elbows or shoulders, thus significantly relieving the stress placed on your joints. So, even if your dog is using all their force to chase after something, the handle design ensures that you are protected from injury and will be less likely to lose grip of the lead or control of your dog.

If you feel you need more control, particularly for larger or stronger dogs, a dog harness is also a great addition for walks.

  1. A Dog Lead Provides You With Control

Let’s face it, the primary reason most of us buy a dog lead for is to maintain a level of control over your excitable pup or dog! However, some owners don’t feel the need to use a one while out walking. So, what happens if your inquisitive dog discovers something that makes them overly excited or aggressive? Or if another unleashed dog is not kept under its owner’s control? Or if the field of cows or horses become protective or jumpy due to your dog’s unrestrained presence? At the end of the day, even if you consider your dog to be very well-trained and controlled, you still don’t know how they will react in every situation, nor do you know how other animals or people will react to them. Thus, a good dog lead allows you to have complete control of where your dog goes, what they can do and cannot do and how close they can get to other animals. 

A great choice of dog lead for keeping full control of your dog while out walking is the Flexi Style Tape Retractable Dog Lead, with a lead length choice of 3 metres and 5 metres, or the Flexi New Comfort Dog Cord, which comes in different sizes depending on the weight of your dog. The main reason to choose a retractable lead is because it allows your dog to have great fun and have complete freedom of movement, without the risk of them getting in harm’s way. If they get too close to something dangerous nearby, you can protect them by simply locking the lead length and keep them closer to you.

  1. A Dog Lead Ensures You Don’t Lose Your Dog

Did you know that 5 dogs go missing every single day in the UK alone? And, while you may think ‘I’d never lose my dog! I always keep my eye on her/him’, there is also a risk of them being stolen for any number of vile reasons, from abuse to puppy mills. When in crowded places, such as city streets or bustling parks, you’d be surprised how easy it can be for your dog to run off or to be snatched from right under your nose!

To keep your dog protected, a sturdy dog lead is the best answer. By keeping your dog on a lead, they are attached to you, thus the chances of losing them or them being stolen become nigh-on impossible. 

For busy built-up areas, a great choice of dog lead to avoid such tragedies is the William Walker City Dog Lead, which comes in a variety of beautiful pastel shades of soft leather including orangepeppermintsky blue and rose pink. What’s so good about this lead is that it allows for close guidance, so that you can keep full control of your dog and ensure you never lose sight of them. This lead is the peak of safety and design. (N.B. make sure you pick the right size lead! The William Walker City Dog Lead comes in two different sizes; one for regular dogs and another for small dogs only!).

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