Tre Ponti Easy Fit Pink Camo Mesh Harness – Adjustable Girth


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This high quality, breathable dog harness is suitable for small & medium size dogs. With the soft and adjustable girth strap this harness also fits dog with a large or wide chest, and great for dogs that are still growing.

Its unique and refined design makes it easy to put on and remove; hypoallergenic material & durable.The highly reflective stitching makes the harness suitable for night walks or low-light conditions.

1 (up to 3kg)
2 (4 to 5kg)
2.5 (5 to 6kg)
3.5 (7 to 9kg)
4 (9 to 14kg)

  • Ergonomic shape with reflective stitching
  • Takes pressure off trachea and spine
  • Eliminates rubbing under the arms
  • Lightweight & hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Designed & Made in Italy.

Closure: Adjustable girth strap with snap buckle closure
Material: Polyester

Please note: All harnesses should be checked regularly for wear and tear. It is better to remove the harness when the pet is resting or playing

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