Tre Ponti Easy Fit Classic Dog Harness – Leopard Faux Fur


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This high quality dog harness is suitable for small & medium size dogs. Its unique and refined design makes it easy to put on and remove; hypoallergenic material, waterproof & durable. Most importantly, Tre Ponti harnesses unique fit removes pressure from the throat, trachea and spine.

1 (up to 3kg)
1.5 (3 to 4kg)
2.5 (5 to 6kg)
3 (6 to 7kg)

  • Ergonomic shape with Leopard Faux Fur
  • Takes pressure off trachea and spine
  • Eliminates rubbing under the arms
  • Lightweight, hypoallergenic, durable & waterproof
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Material: Synthetic Fur
  • Designed and Made in Italy

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