Cloud7 Dog Raincoat Brooklyn Fr. Bulldog Reflective


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The Brooklyn FR. BULLDOG Reflective Dog Raincoat by Cloud7 is for dogs with little undercoat or older furry noses with joint problems or rheumatism, a dog coat is essential. The Cloud7 Dog Coat BROOKLYN for French Bulldogs combines all important functions: The Velcro closure makes it quick and easy to put on and take off, it offers a particularly warming fleece lining and also brand new, a water-repellent, 100% reflective outer material for the extra plus of safety in the dark season.

The special cut of the coat for French Bulldogs is characterized by a wider chest area and a slightly shorter back. In addition, there is an extra elastic band to adjust the back length. This optimal fit and the simple, classic design make BROOKLYN for French Bulldogs unique among bulldog coats.


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5 8 – 15 36 – 42 60 – 66
6 13 – 20 39 – 47 65 – 71
  • Cozy warm lining
  • Reflective material for safety
  • Ideal fit for French Bulldogs
  • Opening for the harness

Outer material: 57% Glass, 20% Polyurethane, 23% Polyester
Inner lining: Viscose, Polyester mix

Delicates or wool Cycle 30 degrees with mild soap, and dry when dripping wet. No chemical cleaning and do not tumble dry.

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