Catit Senses Cat Food Maze


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  • Helps keep your cat active and stimulates natural hunting behaviour
  • Slows down quick eaters for healthier digestion
  •  3 difficulty settings
  • Wide steel base to prevent your cats knocking it over
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with senses 2.0 circuits and accessories

Sizing Details

One Size: L 30.48 x W 35.05 x D 26.92 cm

Weight: 1.18 Kilograms

Care instructions

Simply hand wash

Additional information

This brilliant food maze by Catit is both a fun game for your cat and also a slow feeder. It can be used with treats for a tasty snack or with your cat’s dry food. The latter is a great way to feed greedy cats or kittens who often eat to quickly. The tree is designed to use in conjunction with other Catit Senses products such as the track sets which will loop perfectly around the base of the tree

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