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Summer can prove to be a difficult time of year for our furry friends as they not only combat the blistering heat but are also unable to have their usual outdoor fun and “walkies” as owners try to keep them safe. While keeping your pooch indoors more often may not seem like a big price to pay to reduce their risk of heatstroke and burning, our beloved dogs simply won’t understand this and may become rather restless or unhappy. 

  1. Keep Them Hydrated! The More Bowls, The Better

Regardless of how much time you allow them to spend outside, the heat affects our dogs in the same way it affects us: dehydration. This common condition can, in fact, be life-threatening for our furry friends so they need our help to stay hydrated. 

As well as regularly checking their water bowl, it is important to provide your pooch with more than one dog bowl. The heat can cause your dog to experience fatigue and exhaustion, so the worst thing for them would be to need to traipse up or down stairs, through rooms or across the house to access their water. Thus, it is a good idea to place dog water bowls in the most common places that your pup likes to chill and, depending on the size of your garden and whether you allow your dog outside in the summer sun, one or two in the shade outside.

Not sure what type of dog bowl to choose? For indoors, a particularly good idea for the summer when outdoor play isn’t an option, is to give your pup a food maze bowl which makes mealtimes interactive and fun! Bowl sets are also ideal as they keep your pet’s food and water together in a tray, which is not only more practical for your dog but also looks neater in your home. Or, you may even prefer a classy ceramic Cloud7 dog bowl for indoors as it adds an air of sophistication, as well as being more hygienic as they can be washed like the rest of your dishes! 

For outdoors, you need to choose a dog food bowl that is safe and practical (definitely no ceramic out here!). A great choice is a stainless steel bowl, such as the Cloud7 Dylan Dog Bowl that also features a non-slip base so that your pup can enjoy their meal on any surface – be it grass, decking or tiles – without chasing their bowl around. If you don’t fancy a metal bowl, forget plastic – opt for an eco-friendly alternative instead such as this bamboo fibre dog bowl; great for the garden and the planet!

And make sure you don’t forget a travel dog bowl! They aren’t just for long trips away from home, but for any journey you take in the summer. Whenever you’re on the go, your dog is bound to get tired or overheat, so this light and portable dog bowl that folds flat is great to refuel your pup anywhere!

  • Provide Ways to Exercise indoors

It is incredibly important to give your dog the opportunity to exercise every day and, while this often comes in the form of “walkies!”, the summer throws a spanner in the works. When a heatwave hits, it can be more harmful to take your furry friend for a walk than not as they are at great risk of heatstroke and sunburn. That being said, they can’t go without exercise all summer! So it is important to find ways to help your dog exercise out of the heat – whether that’s in a shaded garden or indoors. 

An easy, yet wonderfully effective toy that not only helps to keep your dog active but also provides great mental stimulation is the Hyper Fetch which can be used both outside and inside. This interactive toy launches tennis balls for your dog to fetch. When your dog returns the ball by dropping it into the Hyper Fetch, they are rewarded with a treat! This fantastically stimulating toy keeps your pooch entertained, trains them to retrieve and even aids with separation anxiety.

It comes in two sizes – the Hyper Fetch Maxi and Hyper Fetch Mini – so is perfect for all dogs, big and small.

Another great toy to keep your dog mentally and physically active during hot weather is a Tug Ball Rope. This ultra-durable toy made from braided high-tensile strength cotton rope is made for endless hours of both tugging and fetching fun (or at least until you get worn out!). Tug of war is, minute-for-minute, the best way for your dog to burn energy while working all of their upper body muscles. Moreover, it also helps to reinforce the bond you have with your companion. 

If your pup is worn out from fetch, tug-of-war or indeed the heat, a calmer toy that can keep them gently active is the Wobble Ball. With a unique shape that makes the toy roll around unpredictably and a visible treat spinning inside, this sensory toy combines playtime and mental stimulation as they nudge, paw and roll the Wobble Ball around to get their paws on the tasty reward!

  • Keep their Temperature Down with Cooling Accessories

Dogs have virtually no sweat glands which means they can only regulate body temperature through panting or sweating through their paws. Unfortunately, this isn’t very effective so, in the summertime, it is very easy for dogs to overheat or even suffer from heatstroke. Sometimes our furry friends need more than staying indoors or in the shade to keep cool, which is why cooling accessories can prove vital for your dog’s comfort and safety.

If you plan on going outdoors, whether it be for a walk or just a car journey, a useful accessory to keep your dog’s temperature down is a dog cooling coat or vest that can be plunged into water and onto your overheated pooch to cool them down. This simple and effective process can be repeated whenever the vest dries out so that your dog remains cool. 

For the garden or in the house, a dog cooling mat is recommended during the summer as an efficient way to keep your dog cool and comfortable in the heat. Filled with cooling gel that makes it squishy and comfortable to lie on, the wipeable mat lasts several hours and can be placed on the floor, bed or in a crate.

The Bottom Line

Summer can be a deadly time for our beloved pets, so it is vital that we do everything we can to keep them happy and safe in hot weather. From providing our pets with more interactive toys or giving them better access to water, the simplest of changes from us pet owners can make the world of difference for our furry friends.

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