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It is always good to start training immediately when you get a new puppy or dog. Whether you have rescued an old dog or are starting from scratch with a puppy it is really important they learn the rules as quickly as possible so here are 10 top training tips for you and your dog.

1. Make a plan

It is really important that you decide on your house rules before you begin training. You also need every member of the family to agree to the same things; otherwise, you’re going to confuse your dog with some people letting him do one thing and others saying no.

2. Pick a Name Wisely

Shorter names are more manageable for a dog to process, and they are more likely to respond. If you rescue a dog and do not like the name, they come with it is possible to change it, but you should decide quickly what you are going to use and stick with it.

3. Create a Hideaway

Just like us, sometimes dogs want a bit of space. This can be especially true if you have younger noisier children around the house. Dogs and children can easily exist in harmony, but it is crucial that there is an area your dog can go where they will not be disturbed.

4. Reward Good, Ignore Bad

The easiest way to train a dog is to use positive reinforcement which means praising your dog with lots of fuss and the occasional treat when you see good behaviour and ignoring and redirecting when you see bad behaviour.

5. Don’t Allow Jumping

Puppies love to jump up to greet their humans, but this is actually one of the most complained about bad habits that other people see. It’s very disconcerting for someone who comes to visit if the dog jumps up on them.

6. Biting and Nipping are Bad

Do not allow biting or nipping at people. The quickest way to stop this is to yelp in pain and move away from them.

7. Live in the Moment

Dogs live in the moment, so any training must also take place in right there and then. You cannot stop a dog from jumping up 10 minutes after it has jumped up.

8. Recall

One of the first commands you should teach should be recall. It is really important your dog comes back whenever you need them to, So you can keep them safe from danger.

9. Spend Time Relaxing

When you first bring your dog home, it is essential; they have time to relax. Whether they have been taken away from a mother dog or they have come from a noisy rescue centre, it is vital to show them that this is their new safe place where they can relax.

10. End on a Positive Note

Whenever you do any training with your dog, it is important that you end the session on a high. So you should end training sessions with some play, a treat, and lots of hugs cuddles and strokes

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