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At Pets & Lifestyle, we understand the importance of keeping your dog well groomed and clean. Though some dog breeds require a little more grooming than others, all dogs can benefit from a regular shampoo. Not only does this leave your pet pooch looking their best, but it also helps to keep your home looking and smelling great. We all know how dirty dogs can get with regular walking and lots of time spent outside, and you don’t want this transferred to your furnishings. By taking the time to regularly groom your dog – such as shampooing them, washing them and brushing them – you are not only benefiting your dog, but yourself and your home.

Our Dog Grooming Range

There are some dog breeds that require regular grooming and other dog breeds that will never need to see a dog groomer. Regardless of the type of dog you have, it’s important to stay on top of keeping them clean. Whether this is in between professional grooming or simply after a long walk in the woods, don’t underestimate the importance of washing and shampooing your dog. At Pets & Lifestyle, our dog grooming range has everything you need to keep your dog looking their best. This includes dog shampoo, dog shampoo bars and paw balm. We even go one step further and include products that will keep your dog calm, such as our calming lavender spray. We even stock an insect repellent spray, perfect for keeping those flies at bay during the warmer months. Simply, you won’t find yourself short of dog grooming products to choose from.

All of our dog grooming products are handmade in Scotland using simple, natural and organic products. Everything used comes from an ethical source and alcohol, parabens and chemicals are avoided at all costs. They are unique artisan dog products, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. We are unashamedly eccentric, but that doesn’t mean our dog grooming products are any less effective than other brands. The difference is, we care about the ingredients. For example, our dog shampoo and dog shampoo bars are organic. We also create everything in small batches, to ensure a high quality and impressive result.

Safe Handmade Dog Grooming Products

Everything is produced, bottled, labeled and quality checked from our very own small workshop. It’s safe to say that these products are close to the heart. To ensure all of our dog grooming products are safe, we test them on humans. That’s right, we test our dog shampoo and other products on people. It’s the perfect way to ensure they are safe for pets.

Our slogan ‘Tested on Humans’ is not just for marketing purposes, it’s actually how we check our products are perfect for pooches. Nothing goes on fur or paws until it has been tested by us, our friends and our family. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for your four-legged friend!