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When you are travelling with your dog, you need to have a way to keep them safe and secure. This doesn’t just apply to naughty or aggressive dogs, or young puppies who are still learning, but all dogs. Whether you are going for a walk in a busy city or you are travelling further afield, being able to control your dog is vital and this is where a harness comes in. With a dog harness, you can attach the lead and have control over your dog at all times. Regardless of the situation, you can protect your dog and keep them close. Though many dog owners opt for a standard collar, it’s hard to deny the benefits of choosing a dog harness.

Many people consider a dog harness to be the best option for all dogs, regardless of breed and size, but especially for nervous dogs and dogs who pull on the lead. A dog harness is attached along the upper body of the dog and it does not pose any health risks, whereas some classic collars do. With a dog harness, you can have complete control over your dog when they are on the lead.

Why Should You Choose a Dog Harness?

The lead is attached to the middle of the dog harness and therefore there is no strain on the neck. When the dog pulls, or when you pull on the lead, there is no risk of the force damaging the neck or causing an injury. This isn’t the case with a dog collar, where the force is predominantly on the neck. The neck is a delicate part of the body and pulling can result in a number of health problems such as a bruised windpipe or damaged larynx. With a dog harness, there is no risk of this.

There is no need to worry about your dog wriggling out of a dog harness and running away, as they are very secure when fitted correctly. This cannot always be said for a dog collar, as many dogs manage to escape. There are even some dog harnesses with three straps to further prevent the dog coming free.

Which Dog Harness Should You Choose?

If you want your dog to truly benefit from wearing a dog harness, you need to choose the correct size. At Pets & Lifestyle, we stock a wide range of dog harnesses and this means that there is something for every dog breed, shape and size. Many of them have adjustable straps and this means you can ensure a perfect fit. However, you do need to start with the correct dog harness for your dog. Choosing your dog harness starts with measuring your dog, the neck and the chest. With this information, you can find the correct size dog harness. If your measures are in between two different sizes, it’s best to go for the larger harness.

You should make sure that the harness isn’t too tight, as this could be uncomfortable for your furry friend. You also need to make sure that the harness isn’t too loose, as they wriggle out. A correct fitting dog harness is safe, secure and comfortable.