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Before we head outside in the winter, we layer up and put on a big coat. This helps to keep us warm and comfortable when we’re out and about. After all, nobody wants to catch a cold because they didn’t wrap up enough. However, it’s just as important to think about your dog during the colder months. Though they have a warm and protective coat, this isn’t always enough to keep them warm when they are outside. As dogs vary hugely – by size, breed and fur type – you need to assess dogs on an individual basis, ensuring yours won’t freeze during the winter months. For example, breeds with single layer coats and fine coats tend to feel the cold a lot more than other breeds. Similarly, those with a lack of fat also struggle to stay warm.

If you notice your dog appears cold during a walk or they cuddle up to you when they are out in the cold, it’s time to invest in a good quality dog coat. This will keep them warm, dry and happy on a walk. It’s especially important to keep dogs with bladder infections or kidney infections warm and dry, so make sure they have a dog coat or dog raincoat to wear when needed. As well as keeping your dog warm and dry, you can relax knowing that you are providing your furry friend happy with an enjoyable outdoor experience.

When Does Your Dog Need a Dog Coat?

When your dog is walking along or running around, it can be difficult to tell if they are cold or not. They can’t tell you they’re freezing and they can’t tell you they would like to put a dog coat on, so you need to look for the signs.

One of the key things to watch out for, is whether your dog is walking with a stiff gait or if their posture is cramped. In the same way that we shiver when we’re cold, dogs have a noticeable stiff gait and a change in posture when they’re cold. Plus, they shiver, just like we do. You know your dog better than anyone else, so pay attention to any changes. If they are less excited to go outside in the winter, there’s a high chance it’s because of the temperature. Dog coats and dog raincoats are especially important for older dogs and sick dogs, as they tend to struggle to keep warm in the cold and they are not always able to compensate for the heat loss.

Why Choose Our Dog Coats and Dog Raincoats?

And Pets and Lifestyle, you will find a wide range of dog coats and dog raincoats. We understand the importance of keeping your dog warm and dry during the winter, and we stock coats and raincoats that do just that. You can choose any of our dog coats, knowing that your four legged friend will stay warm and dry from the moment they step outside until the moment they’re home again. Thanks to our range of options, you are sure to find a coat that ticks every box. Your dog will be warm, dry, comfortable and looking their best.