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As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to clean up after your dog and this includes disposing of their ‘business’ when you are out on a walk. It doesn’t matter whether you are out in the woods or walking down the road, spending time at the park or hanging at the beach, disposing of dog poo is part and parcel of being a dog owner. Not only could failing to do so result in a fine, but it’s hugely inconsiderate of other people. You don’t want to step in dog poo when you are walking down the road or enjoying time in the park, and neither does anyone else. Dog poo is smelly, difficult to clean off shoes and it’s riddled with dangerous bacteria. Luckily, our poo bag dispenser makes cleaning up after your dog simple.

With a poo bag dispenser in hand, reaching for a poo bag is quick and easy. You won’t find yourself rooting around in your bag looking for a bag at the last minute and you won’t find yourself caught without one. As long as you have a stocked dispenser, you will have a poo bag ready.

Why Should You Choose Our Poo Bag Dispenser?

At Pets & Lifestyle, we have a wide range of poo bag dispenser options. When you’re heading out on a dog walk with your four-legged friend, it’s only fair you can have a dispenser you like. You won’t be short of choice, as we have poo bag dispensers in a range of colours and styles. There are simple black options for those who want something subtle and straightforward, but also colourful options if you are looking for a way to add some excitement to your dog walking supplies. All of our poo bag dispensers are easy to wash, durable and breathable. All you need to do is keep it stocked and grab it as you’re heading out of the door.

What Else Should You Take On a Dog Walk?

Once you have purchased a handy poo bag dispenser, it’s time to think about what else you may need on a dog walk. For example, you will need dog poo bags to place in the dispenser. Otherwise, what use is the dispenser? You may also want to invest in a bag to keep treats in, to save you putting them in your pocket and forgetting about them until it’s too late. If you are someone who wants to avoid carrying a lot when you’re out with your dog, you might want to consider taking a bag that is big enough for a ball and a lead. If you’re going out for a long time, water for your dog is also important. Of course, these are not quite as important as a poo bag dispenser. As long as you have your Pets & Lifestyle poo bag dispenser, you have everything you need for a clean and enjoyable walk.