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If your dog is anything like us, they may be a bit hesitant to venture out when it’s cold outside. When the winter months hit, a lot of dogs – and owners alike – want to stay indoors where it’s warm and toasty. However, dogs need regular exercise and there is no getting away from daily walks. To ensure your dog is comfortable when it’s cold outside, invest in a high quality dog sweater. Not only will a dog sweater keep them warm and make them excited for a wintery walk, it can also help to shield them from the health risks associated with the cold. You can head out with your four-legged friend, knowing that they won’t be freezing.

Why Are Dog Sweaters Important?

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that dogs, having descended from wolves, are perfectly capable of handling cold temperatures. Though dogs do have fur, this isn’t enough to keep them warm on colder days. Dogs really do feel the cold in the same way humans do. Like us, dogs notice the temperature difference between a heated home and a freezing park. Going out and into the winter weather without a dog sweater can leave dogs feeling cold, uncomfortable and unhappy. Though some dogs are better at dealing with the cold than others, a dog sweater will only enhance their outdoor experience. It’s important to remember that puppies and older dogs are especially affected by cold temperatures, making a dog sweater even more important. A dog sweater will also give you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is comfortable throughout the winter. You and your dog can head out on a walk whatever the temperature, whether it’s warm and sunny or cold and windy.

Which Dog Sweater Should You Choose?

There are a lot of dog sweaters to choose from, which means that there is something for every dog. However, it’s important to choose a sweater that ticks every box. For example, comfort is key and therefore the sweater needs to fit correctly. It should be tight enough to keep them warm, without being restrictive. Think of it as a second skin, it should be well fitted but not too tight. At Pets & Lifestyle, we have a wide range of sizes available and many are elasticated. This means each sweater will adapt to the size of your dog, regardless of breed and size.

Dog sweaters are easy to put on and take off, so you won’t find yourself wrestling with your pooch when it’s time for a walk. Our sweaters cover the areas of your dog that are most sensitive to the cold, such as their stomach and neck, to maximise the benefits of wearing one.

If you are heading out into the rain, you may want to use a dog raincoat as sweaters are not waterproof. Though they are warm, a sweater will not keep your dog dry.