William Walker Dog Poo Bag Holder Lambrusco

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Poo bags are a necessary evil for every dog owner. The lambrusco poo bag holder on the other hand, is a fashion statement. It makes a virtue out of necessity and creates a fashion accessory for every dog owner with an eye for the extraordinary.

The Poo Bag Holder Lambrusco comes in an romantic wine-red napa leather design, while the grey contrast stitching underlines the fine craftsmanship behind this noble excrement bag dispenser. It does not only fit perfectly to the eponymous lambrusco collection, it is also an eye-catcher in itself. With a noble carabiner it can be easily and safely attached to the D-ring of the leash or alternatively to a belt loop, chain or handbag. A magnetic closure holds the excrement bags securely inside, and they can be pulled out easily and conveniently via a circular opening on the back.

Each poo bag holder comes with a roll of poo excrement bags and is ready for immediate use.