Flexi New Comfort Cord Dog Lead Rose M


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• Extendable dog lead by Flexi
• Offers freedom of movement
• New comfort design
• Two tone colour
• Cord length of 5m
• Convenient brake button
• Comfortable ergonomic grip handle
• Made in Germany
• Available in 5 sizes

Sizing details

Size Recommended For
XS Dogs up to 8kg
S Dogs up to 15kg
M Dogs up to 25kg
L Dogs over 25kg

Care instructions:

If your Flexi lead gets wet, pull it entirely out of the case and allow to dry overnight. Remove any debris from the lead before retracting the lead.

Additional information:

The New Comfort retractable dog lead by Flexi will offer your dog freedom of movement in a safe and controlled way. The inbuilt brake system allows you to keep the lead short when required and can easily be released to lengthen the cord. This version extends up to 5 metres. 

A brilliant dog lead that will allow your dog to roam without letting them off the lead entirely. Simply attach to a collar or harness (a harness is our preference), and you’re all set for your dog walks. 

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