Emmy & Pepe Rope Dog Lead Ahoy

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Ahoy dog lead by Emmy and Pepe, handmade from beautiful blue azure sail rope, a dream for every dog owner! It is not only individual and fashionable, but also robust and durable.

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XS = 6mm (diameter)
S = 8mm (diameter)
M = 10mm (diameter)
L = 12mm (diameter)

A dog lead doesn’t have to be just a piece of rope with a loop. EMMY & PEPE are convinced that something practical can also be something stylish. By knotted rings in the rope they are threefold adjustable and you can decide how much free space your darling should have. True to the woof effect, you will find a small pearl pendant on each leash that reflects the collar theme. Different sizes of dogs have different needs. Therefore, our leashes differ in rope and carabiner strength so that the optimal dog leash is created for every dog breed.

100% handmade
The attention to detail is reflected in every step of our manufacturing process, where we make each of our products by hand and with great care. We also ensure that the materials we use are durable and of the highest quality.

Only a washable dog product is a good product. Each of our products is machine washable. Washing our collars and leashes in no way affects the safety aspect ! Wash your E&P product at 30°C in a laundry bag. For more information, see our care instructions.

Our used materials sail rope, native in the shipping, and Biothane, a fabric composite known from the equestrian sport, are famous for their durability and tear resistance. These are processed by us in elaborate manual work and sewn with high-quality thread or screwed with extremely stable book screws. In this way we achieve an extraordinarily high quality which is second to none.

Not only we and our team put our heart and soul into our products, but also the employees of the workshop for people with disabilities, with whom we have been working for many years, actively support us in the production process.

We do not wear animals – we clothe them!

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