Cloud7 Dog Collar Tiergarten BLack

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Minimalist double-ended adjustable leather dog lead from high quality
Nubuck leather. Genuine brass detailing.

Extra long length adjustable dog leash (2 m)
3-in-1 leash for hands-free, training leash and long leash

Elegant yet durable leather
Genuine brass metal elements
Available in various colors
Individually made by hand

Individually handcrafted dog collar and dog leashes of the Tiergarten
collection. Strong yet elegant Nubuck leather is velvety to the touch
whilst the characteristics allow it to be a long lasting material. The
carabiners on both ends of the adjustable dog leash allow the length to
be easily adjustable for a hands free leash, short training leash and
long leash for relaxed walks.

The size L is recommended for dogs of 15
kg or more.

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