Canem Studio RHYE / MODULAR dog lead with wool handle


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The Rhye range of leads and handles are designed to be modular so that
the handle can be detached from the lead piece, this allows you to mix
and match colours and patterns to your Canem collars. The modular design
also lets you change to different length leads, or even attach more than
one lead to a handle.

The lead handle is made from pure, durable wool that feels comfortable
in your hand. The leather lead piece is made from Swedish “överfettet”
vegetable tanned leather that has been completely immersed in vegetable
fat, making it exceptionally resistant to the elements and incredibly
hardwearing. This leather will not get stiff and dry in the cold or
after a rainy day.


Full set of lead with handle

Solid cast brass hardware (Nickel free)

Handle in pure new wool

Swedish “överfettet” vegetable tanned leather

Leather stays soft and nimble in all weather conditions

Modular design system

Matching collars available

Wears beautifully over time

Made of natural materials with a proven record of social and
environmental responsibility

Size guide:
The sizes below is the total length of lead with handle.

Total length: 140cm

Total length: 180cm

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